Sunday, November 4, 2012

A start...

Reading means a lot to me. It is my pleasure, my delicious cake of indulgence, my sweet smelling secret hidden garden and the most mysterious dark-flavored-chocolate lover.

As a child reading was my way of stumbling into the mysterious jungles with bear, ridding the back of the friendly dolphin and meet evil wizards on the way home. But as I grew into the phase of rebellious stage, I was more enchanted by romance. Well, call me clise but I had to blame my hormones for that.

Then, the me now (I would like to think myself as pre-adults!) am proud to say I'm a book addicted; I would do it to any book! Hahaha (sweaty palm). Some nights after the “hard-office-work” I have to staples my eyes open just to fill my reading addiction. It's intense, the fight between time and leisure.  


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  2. im a book addict too. but, im more addicted to kids' novels n manga! though im a pre-adult myself, i've spent most of my time reading enid's, Hans Christians Andersen, Road Dahl etc :D when u read, as if u have conquered the world that u could never have imagined.

    1. wow manga! me too! what kind of manga did u read? i read all sort but i love attack on titans. Yeah enid is like one of my favourite! i cant forget how much i love hardy boys and nancy drew! think i read those in my teenage time~lovely feelings after reading them!