Monday, November 12, 2012

Secrets of greatness

Title : Secrets of greatness
Author : Editors of FORTUNE (2006)
Publisher : Fortune Books
Genre : Non Fiction

One word for the book : Inspiring
One of the reason I borrowed this book is because I'm jealous. I'm super jealous of these super freaking rich peoples with their super sports car, super jakuzi bath, super humangous mansion and super personal jet. Hence the reason I wanted to dig out their formula in creatig such wealth.

Summary: Do not read this if you hate spoilers.

I kind of like some of the stories especially on popular people I know like Bill Gates, Dell and others. To be frank I didn't finish reading it but I did what the art of reading state; skimming. But still, I like some of the same characteristics these popular people work. They all woke up as early as 5 am in the morning (who says CEO can laze around?), go jogging and eat breakfast at 5.30am before going to work. Work? Their work is to sit there replying tons of e-mails or looking at stocks exchange board for hours. Then at 7pm they go home for a rest before continuing till late at night. Crazy huh?

Best quotation:
  • Keep retiress in the labor pool (Intel).
  • Paper isn't a big part of my day (Bill Gates).
  • I recommended that your models be dead (Rick Warren).
  • Why have I survived all these years? First of all, I'm having fun (Michael Dell).
  • Staying focus is one issue; that's the problem of information overload but the other problem is information underload (Bill Gates).

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