Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanks for the memories

Title : Thanks for the memories
Author : Cecelia Ahern
Publisher : Harper Collins
Genre : Fiction

One word for the book : Taste like movie

I had to thank my cousin who introduced me to one of Cecelia's popular book; P.S I love you. Starting from that moment, I search her book and magics in real life. Her books are a must read. I just can't believe that I didn't know about her books before. She's awesome, simply mesmerizing! She captured me most with her book entitled; A place called here. I read it all night and finish it in one day; I can't stop myself. I don't know what to call it, addiction? Her books are more to reality but as the story goes on, she sprinkle her magical dust along the way. Funny that she always try something new in her writing and she always succeed in cheating me (what I meant was her style of writing is dynamic and its amazing how she managed that). I was so engrossed with her books that I thought it was a movie! Lovely feelings, now I'm aching to read her books again. Her books feels like bringing back one big chocolate fudge cake for free. You know you're into one good desert.

Summary: Do not read this if you hate spoilers.

This book I kept close to my bed as a bed time story. I like how she transform something as scientific as a blood transfussion into a romantic read. I remember most about the woman's relationship with her father which felt so real, so hillarious and so vivid. How, after she had divorced because of her miscarriage, her life changed as she stayed with her father who had always been there strong as an old oak. Fate also played a big part in the book. It's funny how fate seems to be at Cecelia's fingertip as she woven her story and captured her reader's heart. Some of the jokes in the book, I just can't stop laughing till brimming with tears! Speechless. I don't know how to explain the feeling of finding her books in the library and going home with it or finding her latest book on the mall's book shelf but not having enough money to buy it (poor me!).

List of Cecelia's books:
  • P.S I love you
  • Where rainbow ends
  • If you could see me now
  • A place called here
  • The gift
  • The book of tomorrow
  • The time of my life

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