Monday, November 12, 2012

Jacky Daydream

Title : Jacky Daydream
Author : Jacqueline Wilson (2007)
Publisher : Doubleday and Lorgi Yearling
Genre : Fiction (Children's book)
Illustration: Nick Sharatt

One word for the book : Happy ending

It was my parents who's also avid readers despite different genre, that gave my little sister a Jacqueline's book; The Cat Mummy. To be exact my little sister read it on the plane and cried because it was about a cat that died of old age. Mind you, my little sister was only in her primary school that time (barely ten years old, if my memory doesn't falter me). From there, we start reading Jacqueline's book. She loves all of them and so do I.

Summary: Do not read this if you hate spoilers.

The stories always focused on a little girl ranging from age of nine to twelve with their different personalities (brave, funny, timid, shy, twin and tomboys) and their upside down life. And despite every problem from divorce parents, get bullied, peed in pants, or run away from home, they always find happiness in many ways. That's why at this age (not so young!) I found it hard to read her books. I love it once. So it could be bias to write about them now. But what I do know, its very comforting that such positive and warm books still exists for kids these days. They need hopes and dreams while they still can before they grow and become adults right?

List of Jacqueline's books:
  • Bad girls
  • Bed and breakfast star
  • Burried alive
  • The cat mummy
  • Cliffhanger
  • Diamond girls
  • Double act
  • Jacky Daydream
  • The lottie project
  • Mum minder
  • Secrets
  • Story of Tracy Beaker
  • Dustbin baby
  • Lola rose
  • Lizzy Zipmouth
  • Suitcase Kid

These are just some of her books that I've read so maybe there's more.

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