Monday, November 12, 2012

The last lecture

Title : The last lecture
Author : Randy Pausch (2008)
Publisher : Hyperion
Genre : Non-fiction

One word for the book : Insightfull

Funny that I found this book at the education book section (IT section to be precise!). Well I really like the cover and the size of the book is really small and easy to hold. First thing first, I would flip and toss the book, like shopping at the shopping malls for a Gucci handbag. Then I would read the summary and usualy I would read a little at the introductory page. In this book I saw something special which attract me; “With thanks to my parents who allowed me to dream and with hopes for the dreams my children will have.”And I knew I had to read this book.

Summary: Do not read this if you hate spoilers.

Its like a memoir when I thought about this book. Randy the professor was dying of cancer, leaving a wife and three small kids around 3 to 7 years old (I guess). He was assign to give his last speech at a seminar which his wife reject but the ever determined Randy insist to do it. His wife didn't want him to waste what little time he had in this world but what can't a wife sacrifice? He talks about his childhood's dreams and how he got to achieved them one by one. One of his dreams is to win big stuffed animals at a carnival and carry them around like trophies. Other 'bigger' dreams he had is to work hand in hand with NASA and he especially want to feel the floating in the air feeling (zero gravity room). There are many more dreams he had and it reminds me of my own; to travel the world with a backpack full of painting tools and white big canvas with either worries or cares for the world. For me its a very personal speech but he wants to share them to his audience and of course to his kids when they are big enough to understand them. Its like a bottle message for keepsake until the right time comes. Well I guess everyone is selfish so let the guy do his speech before he dies.

Best quotation:
  • Keep a crayon always in your pocket to remind yourself your childhood dreams.

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